Thursday, November 20, 2014

Life On The Hard - Shiny


November 11th
Two guys showed up Saturday morning and worked polishing s/v Honey Ryder all day.  They also prepped (lightly sanded) the bottom for the new paint.
Like a mirror
Sink thru hull
They were back Monday morning to apply two coats of bottom paint.  Work rates are very reasonable here in Trinidad.....not cheap but good quality work for fair prices.  We opted to have the sides polished and bottom paint done professionally verses doing it ourselves.  On our previous boats, we have always done the work ourselves.  However this means buying a lot of equipment such as paint trays, roller handles and rollers, sander, sanding paper, polisher, cleaner, wax, etc.... and where to store all that mess until the next time we need it.  No, the extra we paid to have professionals do it, we saved by not buying all that.  Next time we may do it ourselves.  We'll just see.  And there was still plenty to keep us busy.
Special care to protect the new paint job
No more dead crabs in there
Tom putting the final touches on the newly cleaned prop

New zinc and cleaned up shaft
We did discover 1/2 of our line cutter is just gone.  It's a custom size so we will have to order one and have it shipped to us someplace here in the Caribbean.  This can be added while in the water but it remains to be seen just how easy that task will be.  Oh well.

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