Saturday, November 22, 2014

Ordeal or Adventure

Captain Hilts?
November 18th
It's all about your attitude.  Is something an ordeal or an adventure?

I have been heads down on a big canvas project for the past four days.  This means I have taken over the entire salon (saloon) of s/v Honey Ryder.  The table is down and the leaf out.  To get forward to our stateroom or the forward head one must either crawl under the table leaf or squeeze around.  Cap10 Tom has opted to crawl under, roll playing Steve McQueen"s Captain Hilt in "The Great Escape" as he does. He even hums the "The Great Escape" music.  Guys are so funny. 

I have opted instead to squeeze around the end of the table leaf to get forward.  More of an "Italian Job" sort of maneuver.  *Remember the Mini's squeezing into and out of tight areas in both the original and the remake? 

Ordeal or adventure?  We chose adventure with a movie twist.  

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