Saturday, November 29, 2014

PADI for Tom

Suiting up

Underwater Works Inc. Ltd is located in the boat yard here at Coral Cove.  Before we took off for the states this summer, Tom had a discussion with them about getting his PADI diving certificate.  The main purpose being so that we can get some sort of a dive rig to clean the bottom of our boat.  Free diving on the bottom this past year has only got us so far this past year.  And it's exhausting.
Checking the gear

When back in the states, Tom read a complete PADI diving book and then went to the library on a regular basis so he could take, complete and pass the classroom portion of the PADI online.
Getting ready to go

A couple of weeks ago he completed his in the water stuff here in Chaguaramas.  I am very proud of him!  
Time to jump in

He worked a deal with Underwater Works Inc. Ltd for some of their used equipment including a tank.  Now he can clean the bottom of the boat anytime, put on zincs without running out of air, retrieve any dropped tool and easily add the replacement line cutter (once we order it and have it delivered).  He might even be persuaded into a dive for fun should we hook up again with diving fools s/v Somewhere or s/v Amiris.  
Waiting to go under
Sadly, it looks like my bottom cleaning days are coming to an end now that Tom has dive equipment.  Boo hoo, sniff, sniff.......NOT!!!  Although I bet the waterline will still be available for me to scrub.  

Update FYI - as of the date of this posting, Underwater Works Inc Ltd has moved out of Coral Cove boat yard.  They are planning to open on the boardwalk in Chaguaramas sometime in the near future.

Special Note -  We did not get our dive certificates prior to casting off.  Frankly we were too busy and there are plenty of good commercial divers around.  


  1. Congratulations to Tom! I know so many cruisers love diving that you just might want to get certified one day yourself. I think I'll stick to snorkeling, but I know so many who love diving -- it was one of the big attractions of the part of Belize we lived in.

  2. s/v Somewhere aka Diving Fool reporting in! Excited to have another dive buddy! Congrats!