Saturday, November 29, 2014

Perfect From Far But Far From Perfect

Pretty girl!
This is something I say often when I am referring to my canvas projects.  Especially those few canvas projects I do for others.

This is also something we are learning in a broader sense as we cruise into our second year living aboard.  Everything doesn't have to be perfect.  And more specific is doesn't all have to be RIGHT NOW - as in all the equipment, gear, setup, ext...we thought we needed for cruising.  We knew this and we told ourselves this often as we purchased the boat and worked towards living aboard.  However, looking back now, I think we let ourselves get caught (to some extent) by the "must have prior to leaving" syndrome.  Several seasoned cruisers have gently reminded us recently that they have been cruising for quite some time and it just takes time to get things figured out the way you want them on your boat and what works best for you.  This includes....well....everything.  Nancy on s/v Fawkes has said to me more than once, "Sabrina, you need to remember that we have been living aboard for 7 years now" when I comment on something well organized and thought out on their boat.

Besides the gentle reminders, we are finding that in regard to most things, you just need time on your boat.  Real time.  Despite having s/v Honey Ryder for 4 1/2 years, there are many things that we are just now finding the groove on since moving aboard and really cruising on her.  Solar panels is one example.  Watermaker, wind generator, dodger/bimni/enclosure, SSB, placement/storage of things in the boat, and even clothing onboard, just to name a few.  Other things we are still working to figure out - like where in the heck to store our shoes. 

It seems time and experience cannot be replaced.  


  1. You're well on your way to being ahead of the curve....

  2. Having cruised for 40 years and full time for the last three of those, our to do list (excluding maintenance) has about 8 "perfecting" items. A third of those are changes derived from changes in us -- age, interests, etc. Perfection in cruising boats is a trajectory not an end state.