Monday, March 24, 2014


So inviting - "come play on the beach"
March 19th.  It's a tad windy today.  Tom started the day with coffee and then strainer cleaning.  Eewww. Next it was time to change the watermaker filter.  Eewwww.  It's amazing how fast it fills up with....eewww. But I guess that means it's working.  I decided to tackle a couple of galley cabinets.  Dinner the other night onboard sv Right Turn made me realize how icky and unorganized our cabinets had gotten as theirs are neat as a pin.  That is usually what happens.  There are things you know you need to do but somehow ignore or put off.  Then you look around an anchorage to see someone doing their teak or stainless or whatever.  Crap!  Now you are shamed into doing the same.  I guess it's not unlike yard work in the suburbs.  One person starts mowing or mulching and then everyone has to do it.  Bastards!  Ha!
What a view
We wrapped up chores around 12:30 and launched the dinghy to explore 11 mile beach.  We noticed sv Right Turn had not yet launched his dinghy so we popped by to offer a ride to the beach.  For some reason, we chose to go ashore near one end of 11 mile beach and start walking.  In hindsight, perhaps we should have gone ashore in the middle.  We walked nearing all of the beach but this then meant we had to walk all the way back.  We were very tired.  Ok, we didn't walk the WHOLE thing but a good chunk of it!
11 miles pink beach
The beach is supposedly pink.  At first I couldn't see it but as the waves came in and out I was finally able to see a pinkish tint at first in the tiny pink colored shells and then in the sand because it is made up of pulverized pink shells.  Being on the leeward side of the island, it was super clean with little to no trash, seaweed, washed ashore Garmins, or such.  However, we did find a dinghy kit washed up but left it in case someone lost it landing their dinghy on the beach and came back looking for it.  Later we decided it had been at sea for some time and now washed up on the beach here in Low Bay Barbuda.  If is there in the morning we will claim it.
There is some pink to it
While ashore looking at the lagoon on the other side of the dunes, we met local water taxi guy, Goldilocks.  We made inquire about touring the frigate bird colony and Codrington, the only town on Barbuda.  Goldilocks said he could take us tomorrow so we arranged to meet him on the beach at 10 am.
The above butterfly just flew in and boy were his wings tired - ha!  But seriously, he flew in from the water and landed on Tom's hand.  He stayed there as we walked along the beach.  Tom finally found a fence post and the little guy crawled from Tom's hand over to the post so he could continue his rest while we continued our walk down the beach.  I really do think he was exhausted.    


  1. Tom saved the butterfly. That is so sweet!

  2. Bastards! Ha...loved that paragraph. So very true. :-)