Friday, March 14, 2014

Escape From St Martin

Monday, March 10th.
Port la Royale area
I say escape specifically because we've been here for so long - since January 21st.  Although we are not in a hurry, this seems like a long stop.  We have had a wonderful time here but for whatever reason, we have had a difficult time breaking away from this two country island.
Why?  I am not really sure.  There were interesting things to see and do, plentiful resources both provision wise (yes, I am starting to look like a baguette...pointy on both ends and soft and round in the middle) and yacht wise.  Most of all, there is a very vibrant cruising community filled with extremely interesting characters.  All combined, I guess it made it easy to stay one more day and than another and another and so on.
Dutch side

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  1. Why is it that men seem to lose weight in a tropical island lifestyle, and women gain? We certainly experienced that in Belize and had other friends who did as well. SO not fair! I can see why you had a hard time breaking away from St. Martin -- it has a lot to offer. But you can always go back again one day. Glad you enjoyed it!