Friday, March 14, 2014

Movie -Children Of The Wind

Actually this is a documentary about the windsurfing kids of Bonaire.  I had first gotten wind (bad pun) of it from Kansas Sailing Sista Judy.  Over a year ago, she sent an email about this documentary with a link to the trailer.  I think they may have been looking for donations to help finish the film if I remember correctly.  
Anyway, flash forward.  Friday (March 7th) we heard an interview with the director of "Children Of The Wind" on 91.9 FM a rock radio station in St Martin and regatta radio during the Heineken Regatta. As part of the events ashore during the Heineken Regatta, there would be a free showing of this documentary Sunday afternoon on Kim Sha Beach.  A Sailing movie?....actually windsurfing - but whatever.  Free?  Boom, we are there.  
I am not going to tell you the story.  You need to go see it for yourselves.  It was good.  Afterward, by chance....not really.....I spotted her and of course went over....we met Daphne Schmon, the director. They have already won numerous awards with this film.  She's been touring around the Caribbean showing it.  I asked what was next.  She introduced us to one of her main camera guys and said they were headed back to New York to work on editing of their latest project.  It's a documentary about three different generations of women in the slums of Kenya.  It tells the ins and outs of why these slums came to exists and life in the slums but from a multi- generational female voice.
Click here Children of the Wind for more info.

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