Friday, March 14, 2014

Budgets Are For Blowing - SUP

Monday, March 10th

Budgets are for blowing, right?  We decided this morning to pull the trigger and buy one stand up paddleboard - SUP for short.    When we tried sv Terrapin's inflatable boards back in December, it was just too cool. Since we have the folding kayak, we opted for just one....for now. And because space is always a consideration -aka a challenge -we too got an inflatable SUP.  It came with everything (board, pump, straps, kayak seat, carrying bag) except the paddle.

Once we arrived at Ile Fourchue and got settled on a mooring ball, we busted out the brand new, hours old SUP.

We took turns testing it out.  Awesome!  This is going to be fun!!

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  1. Oh how fun. I really want to try one of these one day!