Monday, March 3, 2014

Carnival - The Kids Parade

My personal favorite

A week ago Sunday, Tom and I went ashore in Marigot and stumbled onto the Carnival Parade for kids.
Check out this ride!  And her hat - two snaps!!

We hung around to check it all out and had a good time.
The music trucks

There would be a truck with loud music followed by a group of kids in colorful costumes dancing.  Then another truck and group.

Love the butterfly and butterfly catcher theme

The groups seemed to be by school or region of the island.  I am not really sure.

Each group had a different theme.

Some of the kids really knew how to move to the music.
Doing their dance routine

The white kids.....not so much.
Some have rhythm, some don't

Long lengths of dock line held by various parents helped keep the kids corralled on the sides and back of the group.  Funny use of dock line but it worked.
Dock line keeping everyone corralled

Parents with the dock line bringing up the rear

The head of each group wasn't always the oldest but really seemed to take ownership of their particular groups performance.

She really got her group going

Pretty, detailed costume headed up this group.

Ms Yellow had a tiny space to shuffle her feet forward on the pavement - tough assignment

One group did have their own percussion group vs a truck with loud music.

Check out the drum set - two buckets and two tins painted maroon

Besides the fun of the parade, it was a great venue for people watching - culture watching.
BFF's watching the parade together

All ages showed up to watch

Food booths and more music wrapped up the day.

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  1. It looks so much like Belize with the various children's parades they have at every and any occasion. Great costumes and spirit -- the kids are so colorful and fun to watch! And the chicken being cooked on that grill -- just like Belize too!