Monday, March 24, 2014

Speaking of Goldilocks

Hang 10 surfer dude highlights!
Check out Tom's blond hair -okay -  light brown streaks.  Some were cut off this week when we did a little trim up but he still has several.  The deck of the boat has turned out to be the best blow drier ever!  And it's such an awesome feeling to let the wind blow your hair dry. I've turned into bikini girl talking about hair. Sorry!  Inside joke.
Ready for a little trim
And yes, Tom's hair is still somewhat long'ish even after the trim.  Guess what!  Many sailor guys grow their hair long because it's 1.)  It's easier  2.)  They can put it in a ponytail thus being somewhat anti....whatever and more pirate like AND..... .3.)  Tom can!  Not very many 50+ guys can grow hair at all on their head at all!!  Just saying!


  1. Light brown, gray, whatever... for me anyway, as long as it stays there I'm happy. I need something to block the sun.

  2. How is that Tom has NO gray hair even at 50? I got my first grays in my 20s. Not fair at all!