Thursday, March 6, 2014

Carnival - The Adult Parade

WARNING - tons of pics
Butterfly people

Butterfly catcher

The kids parade was a week ago Sunday.  The adult parade was yesterday Sunday.
More butterfly people

Still more butterfly people

Wow - what a party.  Everyone was there.  I mean the entire island as near as we could tell.
See - everyone was there!

Big hats in this group

The costumes were amazing!

So pretty

Lots of face makeup but this guy went to a whole other level

She was working it!

So cute!

A few groups had live percussion.  There was one steel drum band.
Good sounds

Standard speaker set on the music trucks

The music trucks were bigger, taller, and much, much louder than in the kids parade.
Power line lifter guy

Another power line lifter guy

I say taller because most were too tall for the parade route.  The overhead power lines were quite a challenge.  You would have thought that someone would have said "no trucks over X height" but apparently they didn't.  However, they didn't let this stop them.  NO!  They just lifted up the lines as they slowly motored under.  Seriously!  Some guy on each truck had to carefully lift each power line up.  A power line lifter guy if you will.  Sometimes the guy was using a towel in his hand and sometimes not.  Just finally get your shot at being on one of the DJ near as I can tell, to some folks this is the ultimate KEWL position in the parade.....only to find out you are the power line lifter guy.  D-Oh!  But we didn't see any mishaps or hear any sirens so I think all the power line lifter guys survived. 
Another power line lifter guy

This power line lifter is using a towel to lift the lines.
There was an Indian group. They were very impressive with their costumes and dancing  Monday morning we went into an Indian owned electronics shop to get a new headset for the iPad.  I asked the guy behind the counter if he had attended the parade.  His face lite up immediately and he said "YES.  Did you attend?  Did you see the Indian group?  What did you think?  I thought they were the best."  I told him we were impressed.  He said those costumes and dances were from the northern part of India.  I asked if this was the first year for the Indian group to be in the parade.  "NO.  We are in it each year.  Every year we pick a different part of India to show and represent."  Kewl, huh?!
You have to really trust your partner for this dance with sticks

Very good
Even the Canadians were getting into the parade - hee hee (fellow cruiser)

As I said, the crowds were huge so the people watching was an event in and of itself.
Even butterfly people have to eat on a long parade route

The parade slowly worked through the streets of Marigot (6 hours or so).  After the parade was over, the dozen + food booths kicked into high gear with food, drinks and their own music blasting.
Food and bev booth we stopped at to refresh and people watch

Tom was impressed with this lady's heap of ribs

Even though the party was still going strong, we were worn out and bailed.

Post parade - pre REAL party

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  1. See, that's SO much cooler than retirees and kindergarten teachers getting naked during Key West Fantasy Fest. Some real creativity there during Carnaval.

    So, is Tom ready to be the next power line lifter guy?