Sunday, January 22, 2017

Off The Charts In Guyana - Sunday Fun Day Down at the Crossroads - Itaballi

Larry and Randy - our river pirogue on the you see it?  Welcome Aborad.  Who is Aborad?
Still a Sunday Fun Day

I think previously mentioned this funky little ferry crossing.  I say funky but only because it’s so different from anyplace we’ve been.  It’s a crossroads really.  That is what attracted me to this place the first time we stopped by.  It was a buzz with humanity, the perfect people watching place. 
Main street

Near the end of the retail part of main street
Jim wandering around

Being Sunday, it wasn’t as busy as previous other stops.  Our crazy little circus of cruisers wondered around the main drag and a few side streets taking it all in and looking like aliens from another planet as we did it.
We eventually settled on a small spot for lunch.  There were just enough tables but not enough chairs.  Tom and Jim had to kneel at their table to eat.  Most opted for the chicken curry.  Tom and I went with the cookup (rice and peas cooked in coconut milk) and a piece of fried chicken.  Banks beer to wash it all down. 
No browsing the aisles here but we did score purpleheart rolling pins

Just before lunch Jim, Kathy (sv Inishnee) Tom and I had wondered into a nice, new hardward/general store.  The building was huge.  The downstairs was the store and upstairs was obviously the home.  However, the store was not filled with much and we couldn’t wonder around.  It was all behind a cage – floor to ceiling.  Hanging on display from the cage was the various items you could buy.  Pots, pans, flashlights, hammers, shorts, shoelaces, razors, etc….a wide assortment.  One item caught our eye – it was a small rolling pin made out of local purpleheart wood.  It was gorgeous.  $1000 Guyanese dollars or $5 US.  Kathy bought one for their boat.  Tom asked if I wanted one too.  “It’s kewl but when do I use a rolling pin?  No.”  But during lunch Kathy was showing everyone and I, along with half our group decided we did want a purpleheart rolling pin. David bought two for presents.  I was worried they would run out but they didn’t and I got my very own purpleheart rolling pin, which is now called my K-State purpleheart rolling pin.  Have I used it to roll anything out?  No.  But someday I will.       
Sign, sign, everywhere a sign

Just back from the interior
Bench for riders, petrol, cooking gas, spare tyre and gear box and your pet turtle...what else could you need

One of the things we like about the cruising life is that it allows us to stay longer in places.  This in turn allows us to get deeper into the local life.
At the very least, easy to access the engine

Repair shop in front of someones house
Fuel trucks

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  1. I love the rolling pin. You had to have it given its color. Time to make piecrust! ;-)