Sunday, January 22, 2017

Off The Charts In Guyana - Intro the Interior - The Trip Out

Mark preps the van while Ian tried to deal with the flat tyre

Spare got a hole as well - Rut-Row

The next morning we departed the Iwokrama River lodge after breakfast.   First stop was of course the K Crossing.  On the other side, Stuart/Paul/Ian were able to get their spare tyre fixed.  Whew!  Our trip back took 8 hours because it had rained the night before so the potholes were now mud holes that Mark couldn’t see how deep they were.  On the north side of Linden he stoped on the side of the road to refuel using the jerry jugs atop the van and of course gravity. 
Another mode of transporting goods and people
We arrived Georgetown late afternoon and checking into the Sleep Inn Guest House where we stayed for Diwali.  Dick and Deb met old work friends from Canada.  The Nee group headed back out to look for souvenir for brother Jim’s family.  Tom and I opted to lounge in our air conditioned room.
The next morning we took cabs from the hotel to the main maxi taxi loading area.  Dick negotiated and soon we were off towards Parika.
Bustling docks in Parika

On the dock in Parika - for harvesting rice
There we loaded on a river pirogue headed for Bartica.  We were the first on the pirogue so we had to wait until there was a full load – 25 passengers.  At Bartica, split up – some opting to do a bit of provisioning, Rich was still looking for souvenirs and we had lunch.  Finally, we called the resort and their river pirogue to pick us up and took us home.

Our circus on the dock in Parika

Waiting for the other passengers

Boatload - literally!

It was grand adventure into the interior and Iwokrama.  It wasn’t easy going the way we did but more than likely we would not have been able to go with a proper tour outfit because of cost.    

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