Friday, January 6, 2017

Off The Charts In Guyana - Itinerate Workers

Headed home for a few days
Guyana seems to have a large percentage of the workforce that is itinerate or station workers.  They travel from home to their place of employment – a resort, lodge, mining or logging camp, etc….to work for 22 days or so and then they go home for 7-10 days off.  Sometimes more days on and less off.  While at their place of employment, they generally live on-site in worker housing.  The bulk of the population of Guyana lives along the coast and to some extent the waterways.  People in tiny villages in the interior travel out to populated areas to work.  Miners and loggers travel into the bush to work.  As we experienced first-hand, travel into and out of the bush is not an easy thing (more in a separate blog about that).  The travel time/challenges cuts into the days off.  Seven days off, often means only 5 days at home because one day is spent traveling home and one traveling back to work.   I realize this is not uncommon in certain regions of the world as well as various cultures and socioeconomic levels, but it was new for us to see up close and personal. 

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