Sunday, January 22, 2017

Off The Charts In Guyana - Baganara Island Resort

The "Clubhouse"

Guest rooms

Our anchorage is just off Baganara Island Resort.  It is a wonderful place.  The staff is lovely and welcoming to cruising.  FYI - not all resorts like having cruisers around.  In fact most don't!  The ground are beautiful.  As I mentioned before, there is a small landing strip for planes and a hiking trail into the woods.  Thank you so much to Stuart, Paul and staff.

sv Honey Ryder at sunset

sv Honey Ryder sunshine anchorage

Tom relaxing and reading ashore

Hiking trail for people

Can you see it?  Hiking trail for some well traveled animal

Cutter ant trail - really

Kewl palm trees of some sort

Lovely view from our anchorage

Sunset at anchor - nearly every night was like this

Rare foggy morning was still beautiful
Pretty flowers on the grounds

So pretty

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  1. How gorgeous! Love the flowers especially, and the views are stunning. Glad the resort was cruiser-friendly. Those leaf-cutter ants can make some amazing trails, no? We saw them numerous times in Belize and on our short venture into Guatemala. I was fascinated by them!