Sunday, January 22, 2017

Off The Charts In Guyana - Sex in the Interior

Okay, hot topic.  You might find it shocking and perhaps think it is not appropriate blogging fodder.  Fine.  You can skip this one.  I personally find it another interesting insight into another country and culture.   

I spotted a billboard in Georgetown that addressed HIV.  There was also a poster in one of the staff rooms at Iwokarma that addressed Sexually Transmitted Diseases.  The Brandt Guidebook mentioned prostitution in the mining camps.  Yesterday, in Itaballi we had lunch in a tiny little place on the main street.  There were three posters that comprised of the main wall décor in this place - other than a faded 1980’s pic of a married couple on their wedding day.  The posters were 1.)  Something about - HIV Doesn’t Change Who You Are.  2.)  Something like - What Do You Know About Sexually Transmitted Diseases?  3.)  My Safety Is My #1 Priority.  This last one appeared at first glance to be something about general safety, perhaps in the logging industry.  The guy in the picture had on work clothes and a hard hat and there appeared to be wood or logs in the background.  However, the woman in the picture was wearing shorts, a tube top and standing with her hand on her hip exuding attitude.  Upon closer inspection, the poster was about importance of wearing condoms for protection.  Additionally, while in Itaballi, I spotted a car with a bumper sticker saying something like "No Condom, No Sex."

Developing countries have to allocate all resources carefully.  I find it interesting and encouraging that they are using some resources and money this way.  Public health is so important.  Sexual health included.  An entire mining camp of people with sexually transmitted diseases is not good for health or the economy either.  I know that sounds harsh but it is true.    

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