Sunday, January 22, 2017

Off The Charts In Guyana - Kenny Rogers and Junie

Okay - 3 tents
While I am at it, I should probably explain another term I may have mentioned before.  Kenny Rogers was a local gathering spot.  Not the fried chicken franchise made famous in that "Seinfeld" episode - KENNY!  Nope, this is a different Kenny Rodgers.  At this Kenny Rogers there is a guy there that seems to be in charge, sort of.  He goes by the name of Kenny Rogers.  I suspect it’s a nickname but who knows.  There is no sign, hell…. there is no door or building.  The place is really nothing more than two tents made of poles and tarps with wooden benches where locals lime and queue up for boats going into the interior.
Beer ice chest

There are two large deep freezes.  Both are a tad rusting and unplugged.  The larger of the two holds beers cooled with ice that is added daily, basically a really big ice chest/cooler.  This freezer is secured with two, big, beefy locks.  The key holder is a local lady.  Sorry, I forget her name.  She is quiet.  When she doesn’t show up or goes home early, there is no beer.  And everyone is sad!  :(  I am not sure what her relationship is to Kenny Rogers or Junie, the other local that seems to be in charge. Junie operates two river pirogues, a fuel boat, and various other ventures, using the tent as his office.  The other deep freeze also has a lock on it at times.  It holds backpacks and other valuables for Junie, the beer lady, Kenny Rogers and a few others. 
Junie - Mr Bartica - the man in the know.  Kathy broke her dinghy paddle so he gave her one
Again, the name really came from our little cruisers circus as we didn’t really know what else to call it.  We used it as another gathering spot when we all went into Bartica.  “Let’s meet up later at Kenny Rogers when everyone gets done with whatever.”  So that is it.  That is Kenny Rogers.  It was a convenient gathering spot close to the Boathouse.    

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