Sunday, January 22, 2017

Off The Charts In Guyana - Kaieteur Falls

We finally made it to the famous Kaieteur Falls.  This is probably one of Guyana's most famous tourist attractions. 
Lat and long at Kaieteur Falls

The money shot

Stats –  I am just going to let you read them for yourself.

Portaro River valley we flew up
Our only giant otter sighting
We departed Baganara Resort at 13:30 aboard a 12 seater, single engine plane.  The flight was approx. 45 mins and took us SW over the “interior” or “bush”.  We flew over several HUGE mining camps.  We had seen the big, mud covered trucks in Bartica loading up with supplies for these camps but we had no idea the camps were this massive.  These camps are mining gold and diamonds out of the ground. 
View as we approached the falls

As we flew south, the elevation changed and soon we could see cliffs and mountains.  We flew straight up the Portaro River valley to the falls.  It is a feeder river to the Essequibo River.
Feeling the "toilet paper plant"

Soft like expensive toilet paper -that is what the guide said

Hiking toward the falls

Jamal was our guide.  He took us to the three lookout points, stopping along the way to point out various floral and fauna.

Tank bromeliads - world's largest

The falls were spectacular.  We went to three different vantage points to view the falls.

"She fell to her death taking a selfie on the edge of the cliff" - NOT

We were also able to spot the tiny golden dart frog, only found near these falls.   
Can you see it?

Poisonous tiny golden dart frong

We saw a few white collared swifts flying around.  They live behind the the falls.

Sadly, we did not see the famous Cock Of The Rock bird.

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  1. That frog is tiny you were very lucky to spot him! So sorry you didn't get to see a Cock of the Rock. I so want to see one someday. I remember before your trip you posted that you might get to see one, and I was very envious.