Thursday, January 1, 2015

Xmas Week 2014 in Grenada

Hope off sv StarShine plays mistress of the grill and all things lobster

There was a lot going on.   Many things to see and do.  Yummy food to eat.  New people to meet and current cruising friends to spend time with.
Lobster beach party

Lobster grill and beach potluck.
Lobster lovers unit

Some of the lobsters were scary big.  I wouldn't want to meet any of those in a dark alley.
Luv it!

Doughnut boat harbor tour
We watched (with great interest/obsession) the doughnut boat being used for harbor cruises all week.  This looks like SO much fun.  Unfortunately we did not ended up doing our own spin in the doughnut boat this visit.  However it is high on the TO DO list for our next visit to Grenada.  Do you want to go with?
Xmas potluck

I wasn't the only one with a Santa hat on

Yummy food
Xmas Day we hiked to the next harbor over to enjoy a Xmas Day potluck with cruisers at Mt Hartman - Secret Harbor Marina.
James and Patti say farewell
We got caught up with cruising peeps that were in Coral Cove (Trinidad) with us.  s/v La Aventura, s/v Bluejacket of Chidham, s/v Lady Annilla, s/v Nina and a few more.
Fair Winds La Aventura
As Grenada is a jumping off place for cruisers heading north or west, this means that we had to once again say farewell to cruising friends.  This is one of the tough parts of this lifestyle.

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  1. My sincere apologies to sv La Aventura for mis-spelling the name of their boat previously!