Sunday, January 4, 2015

New Years Eve 2014 Tyrrell Bay Carriacou

Street sdie look
The previous day (Dec 30th) we were walking around Tyrrell Bay and passed Sundowners.  It's a funky little beach shack.  There was a note saying that on Wednesday nights there is drumming on the beach.  Sweet!  "Let's come check that out for New Years Eve." on of us said - I forget who.
Beach side look

We dinghied ashore New Years Eve around 18:30 and walked down to Sundowners.  The plan was to get the details on the drumming and then find someplace to have dinner and then return.

Ower of Sundowners
There were 5 people sitting on the tiny deck of Sundowners.  One was the owner, one was her staff and one was the head drumming guy.  The other two were ex-pats waiting to drum.

"Ya mon.  The drumming gonna start here soon." said the head drummer guy.  "We gonna be drumming down on the beach there."
Tom drumming

The ex-pat lady suggested we just eat there.  It was a small menu but interesting.  I had callalou fritters w/salad.  Tom had a cheeseburger and fries.
More people sitting in
Soon more ex-pats and locals started showing up.  It became obvious this was the place to be.
The little kid arrived with his own drum and got after it
Tom got to sit in on the beach drumming for quite some time.  However, more and more locals showed up, many of them drummers.  Tom relinquished the drum he was using so others could have 
a chance.  
Heating up - shirts off

It was a unique experience that we are both glad we were apart of - Tom by sitting in and actually drumming and me just taking it all in.

Casual evening, toes in the sand, bonfire and drumming on the beach = great New Years Eve!

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  1. Now that's a case of wherever you go, there you are!