Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Hiking Carriacou

Looking out towards Tyrrell Bay
 January 7th 2015
We took two different hikes this morning.
View to the north towards Hillsborough
One led us up to the northeast of Tyrrell Bay.
Beach on south side of Carriacou
The second led us up to the south, southwest of Tyrrell Bay.

Herding them back home via truck
This island has the most livestock we have seen on any island in the Caribbean to date.  Everyone seems to have sheep and goats.  Everyone!  There are even a few cows here and there.
Mr Cool
It is also very much a dog island.  Of those we've seen, several seem to have been fixed, nearly all have collars and many where on leashes.  However, there was an occasional cool cat here and there.  *Recently a cruisers dog died.  It ate some poison that had been put out.  It was strongly suggested on the morning VHF radio net that anyone with a dog keep them on a leash.

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