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Carriacou Boat Building

Newest Carriacou Sloop under construction
January 5, 2014
WARNING - many pics
Carriacou has a long history of boat builiding.  It started in 1783 when Scottish boat builders were brought over by the English specifically to build fishing and cargo boats.  The names of these Scottish families can still be seen and heard around this small island.
Carriacou Sloops in Antigua for Classics Race Week 2014
We first encountered the famous Carriacou sailing sloops in Antigua at Classics Race Week 2014.  There were 3 of these beauties there last year. 
Getting it just right

Fitting a piece into place just so

The building of these boats today is much the same as it was years and years ago.      
Cargo boat under construction
The knowledge is handed down from father to son and elder to youngster.   Time and experience are the real teachers. 

What a keel

A few power tools are used these days - electric planers and such but we also witnessed a hand saw in use.
Cargo boat under construction
Lining it all up again
 There are no paper boat plans laid out for these builders to follow.  The master boat builder knows what works and goes from there.

Hey Kev....check it out.....This one has a job site trailer
Caribbean white cedar is brought in from the rainforest of Grenada.  The various logs sit aging all around the job sight which, by the the beach.
Fishing boat and sloop both built in Carriacou
All these boats are built right on the beach.

s/v Exodus moored just off the beach where she was built

The launch party of one of these boats is apparently the stuff of legends as basically the whole island turns out for it.
Another racing sloop and the reef(s) just beyond
FYI -  Windward was.....windy.

Old metal boat didn't fare as well

It isn't just racing sloops and cargo boats that are built here.  ALL shapes and sizes of boats are built in Carriacou.  Including various fishing and speed boats used as water taxis.

Finally we found our way to The Cornershop in Dover (on the edge of Windward).  We sat outside visiting with the guy running this little shop.  We learned about many things Carriacou.  It was very interesting.

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