Thursday, January 22, 2015

Union Island Radio

Tiny airport on Union Island
There is a guy that comes on the VHF radio each morning at 7:45 am for a short informational net of his own.  He starts with the weather.  He gives the temps in various cold places around the world...."In Moscow it's -5F.  In Chicago it's -7F." etc, and then finally in contrast..... "The local weather in sunny Clifton, Union Island is 23C or 73F."  Then he gives the forecasted weather.  He reports the schedule for the various ferries that day, if the bank is open and what the hours of operation are and most importantly whether the ATM is working, with an added "good luck with that" just in case it quits working.  He announces meal specials at a few local spots adding humor as he goes "Rumor has it Seckies is out of Vanessa's famous goat curry for the moment."  It's a delightful net.  If you are ever at Union Island, be sure to listen.
3 big piles of lambi shells

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