Thursday, January 22, 2015

Kite Surfing School On Union Island

Kite surfering show - neighbor on the bow of his boat watching

Tom =" It doesn't look all that hard.  I mean they make it look easy."
Sabrina = "Yes, exactly.....they make it look easy."
Tom = "These people learned.  Doesn't that mean others  I could too?" 
Sabrina = "Yes.  Did you notice that nearly all of them are quite a bit younger than us?  Quite a bit!"
Tom = "Yes, but there is one guy that looks older, like our age."
Sabrina = "Tasha of the blog Turf to Surf is much younger, super athletic and still ended up in the hospital in the DR when she went to kite surfing school there.  According to her, It is NOT easy." 
Tom = "Okay, but don't you think it's pretty Kewl?"
Sabrina = "Yes it is and you would probably be pretty good at it."
Sabrina = Inside my head "Rut-Row!"
Kites on the beach during a break in the action
This was the on and off conversation as we sat anchored behind Newlands Reef on Union Island.  The bow of our boat the perfect front row seat to all the kite surfers zooming by.  It was a spectacular show that ran everyday from 7am to dark, often times with up to 10 kite surfers performing for us.  A guy on a boat near by had a cast on one foot and sat on his bow each day taking the show in.  *Do you think the cast on the foot is a coincidence?  I think not!

Union Island boasts one of the few kite surfing schools in the Caribbean.  The reef is the perfect setting and brings eager students and seasoned kite surfers from around the world.  
Kite Suring beach shack
Finally we Tom stopped by the office in Clifton to inquire.  The owner was very honest with Tom.  Lessons are one on one, $250 for three hours and that includes rental of the kite surfing gear.  Most students require 3-4 lessons to get it. The people we have been watching aren't beginners.  Those he takes around the corner to Frigate Island to learn where it's more protected.  The people we are watching have graduated and are practicing along with the seasoned kite surfers.  They really do make it look easy.  After learning there is also the matter of your own gear.  Tom decided he would stick to his newly acquired scuba skills and continue down that path for now.  

We did visit the kite school beach shack where they hang out and launch.  Very Kewl setting.  Who wouldn't want to be a part of that!  We observed several sun bleached- bronzed skin- tattooed up- 20 somethings all there to kite surf with a few groupies thrown in for good measure. Similar crowd to many surfing hot spots we have visited in the previous decade or so.  There were four towheaded guys with Dutch accents.  I overheard one tell someone they went to Brazil in Sept 2014 to kite surf seriously and since have been roaming around surfing various locales, and pushing each other to the next level.  One of his mates busted out a very nice camera, big lens and tripod to photograph his buddies.  Cha-Ching.  Many things about this sport/hobby scream money.  However, the flip side is two local hotshots that showed up out on the reef every afternoon late - possibly after work, and just rip it up.  Nice to see both.  I guess it's similar to sailing, many jump to the assumption that it is expensive and takes gobs of money. can be.  However, a simple little boat on a simple body of water doesn't cost all that much.  It just depends and so I guess the same goes for kite surfing.  

So if you want to learn to kite surf while on holiday, Clifton on Union Island might be a good spot.  

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