Sunday, January 25, 2015

Tobago Cays

This is basically a group of small, uninhabited islands and a reef.  We anchored between two of the small islands.  We dinghied out to the reef area.  There were probably 30 boats on mooring balls just behind the reef, however not as protected as our anchorage.  We stayed two days.
Not all charterboat cats - lovely Carriacou sloop
The current is strong, especially on the reef.  We tried snorkeling but it was too strong.  We ended up snorkeling off the boat.  We saw a handful of rays, two spotted eagle rays and a couple of turtles.
Another Carriacou built wooden boat
We also explored the beaches on one of the islands.
HQ for boat boys beach BBQ
Many boat boys trying to get people to come ashore for their lobster beach parties each night.  Too expensive for us but perfect for the numerous charterboats that flow through here on holiday.
Boat boys waiting for the next charterboat to come through

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  1. We found the current here to be tide related and snorkeled when it was slack, but there was a surge that got old in a hurry.