Sunday, June 29, 2014

Tom's in a Pickle

June 22, 2014
Mixing up the pickling agent

No, that's not right.  Tom's pickled?  No, that's not right either.  Tom's pickling?  That's it!  

Well if that is the case, you might be saying why isn't this posting on the Beyond Burgoo food blog tab vs here?   Simple, Tom isn't pickling food.  He's pickling the watermaker membrane.
Circulating the pickling agent through the watermaker
Anytime you are not going to use your watermaker for an extended periods of time, it needs to be pickled to preserve the membrane.  These membranes are very expensive (isn't everything on a yacht) so pickling it allows us to continue using it next season and the next and so on.  
The pickling solution circulated for 30 mins.
Since we will be leaving the boat in Trinidad for hurricane season, the membrane need to be pickled. Reports are that the water Chaguaramas Bay is very, very dirty.  This is not good for watermakers. Therefore Tom has been nothing short of a watermarking fool these past 3 days, making as much as possible before pickling the watermaker today.  No more ROH2O after today.  First he did a fresh water flush of the pump.  Then he let the pickling solution circulate through the watermaker for 30 mins.  That was it.  

FYI - The above picture is of the tank fill hose he made up.  We don't currently have a way to directly pipe the water that is made into our tanks.  Instead, Tom uses the above to feed the freshly made water directly into our tanks using the deck fill opening.  A simple, easy solution that is working just fine.  I don't think I have shown this and I thought it might be helpful to others.    

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