Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Catching Up With Old Friends In St Lucia

Sally, Paul and sailor Paul 
Saturday June 1st.  Our sailing friend Paul on s/v Sonic Boom sailed into Marigot Bay.  His sister Sally and boyfriend Paul are visiting from London.  They popped by s/v Honey Ryder after dinner so we could meet them and get caught up with Paul.  After that, we all went ashore to the Raintree restaurant to hear some soothing Jazz.
Sadly they returned to s/v Sonic Boom, which was anchored in the outer harbor of Marigot Bay to discover the boat had been boarded and items taken.  They didn't lose everything but it was still a pretty big blow, creepy and frustrating.  The night before a sailboat out there had their outboard taken.  *NOTE - lock everything up tight each and every time!
On a good note.  Paul made the new marina manager at Marigot Bay Marina aware.  He immediately told Paul to come inside to the inner harbor and take a mooring ball for free.  Paul really wanted to but his guests wanted/needed to get back to their hotel in Rodney Bay.  Super nice of marina manager Pete!!

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