Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Rum Tour on St Lucia

Monday June 2nd.  The marina set up a tour of the St Lucia Distilleries Rum facility that is just down the road from Marigot Bay.  Archie (sv Janey) Paul (sv Sonic Boom) and his sister Sally, Tom and me did the tour.

Rum is such an integral part of Caribbean history.  Each island has a story to tell about sugar cane production and eventually rum.
Blending room and QC

Bottling area
The company is also a big player in St Lucia Carnival.  They had a carnival room that told about the history of Carnival on St Lucia and all the details.
Carnival Queen Sally

Carnival King Paul
Of course there was a tasting room at the end of the tour as well.  Sorry no pics.  My camera battery went dead but trust me, there was some good stuff in the tasting room.

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