Friday, June 20, 2014

Grenada Island Tour - Monkey On Your Back

June 16, 2014
Sorry for the blur

*Okay you need to get Peter Gabriel's "Shock the Monkey" song going in your head for this blog posting.  Got it?  Good.  Proceed.  dumbdumb dum da da dum
Ric and Lann - human jungle gym for monkeys 

Lann giggles while the monkey enjoys his mango

Grenada is home to Mona monkeys.  We stopped to hike down to a volcano crater lake but we had only gone a short distance when Cutty called us back.  "The monkeys have come out."  We all rushed back up to the road where two monkeys had arrived in response to his calls.  "grhoo, grhoo" - that is monkey speak for come out and visit.
Mangoes are my favorite too
The fur felt fur.  The head was very soft

This one took his coco pod up into a tree - "No, I am not sharing with tourist."

Cutty does not support the vendors that have these monkeys on leashes.  He thinks that is wrong and we agree.  For the record, we only saw one vendor like that on Grenada.  These monkeys are free to come and go, visit tourist and get treats only if they want.  Previously Cutty had picked up a couple of mangoes and a coco bean pod during our travels.  Mona monkeys are fruit eaters.  They seem to really like fruit.

"Hey mister, do you have anything good in your pocket?"


Apparently they also like peppermint candy too.  One tried to pick-pocket Tom for a piece of candy in his front pocket.
Human jungle gym Tom

Tom's got a monkey on his back - shoulder really


  1. So cool -- I love monkeys, though I am not sure I'd be brave enough to have one crawling all over me!