Friday, June 20, 2014

Grenada Island Tour - Our Day with Cutty

June 16, 2014
Cutty showing us a coco bean pod

We wanted to do an island tour to get a good overview and see as many sights as we could since our time here is limited.  Other seasoned cruisers advised us that Cuthbert aka Cutty has the best at island tours.  His Leatherback turtle watching tour was nothing short of spectacular so we booked a tour.  Actually Diane on s/v Endorfin II booked it.  We had a fun group with Ric and Diane off s/v Endorfin II, Lann and Stan off s/v Barefoot Life, the crew of s/v Honey Ryder and Cutty.  He showed up at exactly 9am in his brand new, air conditioned touring van.  It was obvious we would be touring style!
Lann, Diane, Sabrina
Tom, Ric, Stan
Grenada is called The Spice Island.  It was soon easy to see why as Cutty stopped by the roadside many times to gather various herbs and spices growing, teaching us all about them.
Cutty teaching us
We saw/smelled/learned about ylang-ylang, coco, cinnamon, papaya, coffee, saffron (island turmeric), noni fruit, bay leaves, lemon grass, avocados, calaloo/dasheen, mangoes, bread fruit, hardwood trees, flowers, and so many more and of course.....nutmeg!
Saffron aka Island Turmeric - root and new shoot

Female Papaya tree

Trunk of a Eucalyptus tree - pretty and unusual

Noni Fruit - it supposedly cures cancer but stinks like a gym bag. 

Breadfruit -usually served boiled, tastes similar to potatoes

Port Louie on the left, St Georges (Capital) on the right, leeward side of island

Annandale Falls

Tom cooling his heels

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