Tuesday, June 3, 2014

St Lucia with a St Lucian

Archie aboard his beautiful Tartan 3400 sv Janey
Sorry if we have been missing in action on the blog.  We have been very busy seeing, experiencing, tasting, meeting all that is St Lucia.
Our friend Archie is from St Lucia.  He grew up here and then at 17 moved to the USA and eventually became a proud American citizen.  However after 43 years, he has retired from working and come back to his "home" St Lucia.
Archie is also a sailor and he chose sailing as his method of transportation back to St Lucia.  He has slowly...and I do mean SLOWLY been making his way back home over the past few years.  We met Archie on the Salty Dawg Rally fall 2013.  We ran into him again in St Martin and spent some time with he and his crew member Collin.
Archie and Tom aboard sv Janey
Then last week we sailed into Marigot Bay St Lucia and reconnected with him yet again.  This past week Archie has taken generous amounts of time to show us HIS St Lucia.  And we have had some action packed days crisscrossing the country.  We have been able to see and experience parts of St Lucia that we never would have been able to otherwise being with local Archie.  Of course there are blog postings coming about these excursions.

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  1. How wonderful to reconnect with a friend in the Caribbean and get to see the REAL St. Lucia through his eyes. You are two lucky peeps!