Monday, June 9, 2014

Molinere Underwater Sculpture Park

Tom checking out one of the big sculptures
Sunday, June 8th 2014 - Sharon on s/v Somewhere pointed out that today is World Ocean Day and suggested that we celebrate that fact by going snorkeling at the Molinere Underwater Sculpture Park.   Awesome idea, count us in.
Dinghies tied off to a mooring and everyone piling in the water

So the crews of s/v Somewhere, s/v Endofin II and s/v Honey Ryder dinghied north to Molinere Bay.
"Okay.  Where is this art?"

Eco-Artist Jason de Caires Taylor does sculptures and then places them underwater.
The first ones we spotted

They are made of porous concrete to encourage marine life growth.
The next one we spotted - Whoa, kewl!

These sculptures quickly evolve into something other than what they started out to be.
Essentially they become living reefs and I guess living sculptures that changes constantly.
An appraiser perhaps?  Ha!
For a more detailed, artistic description, use the links I provided above.  I just know it was really freaking Kewl to see and experience first hand.

Storms and surge have an affect on the sculptures along with the marine life
The sight we visited has 65 statues, many grouped together as large sculpture pieces.
Tom checking out another one
It was a little weird to see a piece of coral growing out of the statue of a person and then to see a fish feeding on it but hey....aren't we all just fish food anyway!
Looks like a cruiser hoping the repair she made works!

We slowly explored the small bay....cove really.
This one was different.  More like petroglyphs

Another petroglyph looking one

None were too deep that we couldn't dive down and take a good look while simply snorkeling.
Another ring of people

This one had more growth than the other ring
It was a really interesting snorkel.  I am so glad we got to see it.  FYI - the artist has other sights around the world.


  1. Reminds me of the Chinese terracotta army near Qin Shi Huang's mausoleum.

  2. Most peoples pics of snorkling are boring but not Tom & Sabrina -AWESOME PICS - thanks for sharing.