Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tax Time

For all you readers out there spending nights and weekends....taking up the entire dining room table or swearing up a blue streak from your home office, as you grind away at your taxes...."Where is the @*!%@$#  information?  What the @*^!%@ happened to the W-2 that came in the mail a couple of months ago?"  etc....  Just imagine doing it while living on a very small boat with no reliable internet, or desk, or filing cabinet or such.  Only the files and papers you brought with you or scanned in or put in Dropbox and a creaky printer and tiny scanner!  Yes, that is what Cap10 Tom has had to deal with as he organized our stuff to email off to our accountant.  No, we are not the only cruisers dealing with taxes.  Everyone else is too.  Some even do it all by themselves.  Yes, we use an accountant.  We know when to cry UNCLE and let professionals do what they do well.  FYI - we have the best accountant ever.  Thank you Rick!!!!

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  1. Looks like Rick will have a very busy couple of weeks! You guys are still lucky, though, as you still have Rick to do the bulk of the paperwork. Others, as you say, would have to do it by themselves, so there's no fun in that. Let's just hope Rick can get it done in time!
    Angel Richards @ PerfectAccountingService.com