Thursday, April 10, 2014

Honey Ryder Projects and Repairs - Getting the Last Drop of Water

Yes, that screw in the tank is from the tie down that broke
NOTE - I know other Caliber owners have had this issue so maybe this will help them.
The end of the pickup tube in our water tank has come loose.  The tubes in both tanks!  This is the end that sucks up the water, not the end leading into the tank - whew.  Ours was originally tied down with a zippy tie that was screwed into the fiberglass somewhere.  This tie down has broken lose.  It's not a big deal other than the fact that the hose has a slight bend to it and curves up at the end.  This in turn means it is not sitting on the bottom but up a good 2" from the bottom, so when we get down towards the bottom of our tank, the pickup tube can't suck the last two inches of water out.  That may not sound like much but it's a couple gallons plus.  We have not been able to id where the tube was attached previously and weren't crazy about drilling around inside our water tanks so we have always tried to keep the water level above that.  However, with our tank gauges broken, it keeps us guessing and guessing badly.
Simply 90 degree piece
We were discussing this with fellow Caliber 40 owner Don on s/v Asseance.  He doesn't have this issue, but a couple of his suggestions got Tom thinking.  He rummaged around in all his plumbing fittings and came up with a 90 degree elbow piece.  If fits snugly on the end of each of tank hoses.  Tom positioned it so that it is facing down and touching the bottom but at a slight angle so it won't get air locked to the bottom of the tank.
Yes, we took the loose screw out of the tank before closing it up
We are hoping this works.  Remind me and I will report back with the results.  If so, hopefully others can use this simple idea.

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