Saturday, April 26, 2014

Classics Action

Day 1 racing action
Friday, April 18th we joined the crew of s/v Terrapin (Molly and Baxter) and hiked up to a point above Pigeon Beach to watch race one.  Soon several others joined us.  However, they weren't as forward thinking as us as none of them thought to bring lunch - roti's by Mama Roti and a crisp white to wash it all down.  Classics style - oh yeah!  The view was terrific and we got to see some good action.
Close crossing

Close for these type of yachts
J H2 boat and crowd favorite Rainbow with crew of like....18

More heading out to race

Pre-race maneuvers
Line honors and first in her class s/v Lilly Maid - yay!

Saturday, April 19th we again joined Molly and Baxter to watch the races.  This time we hiked over to English Harbor and then up and out to a very remote point between English and Falmouth Harbors to watch the action.  The wind was really blowing.  Later, we learned there were gusts to 35 out on the race course.  A couple of yachts retired due to breakages but everyone else hung tough and fought the good fight. We got to see some exciting action as we were right above mark three.  There were a couple of close calls rounding this mark.  Granted there usually are in yacht racing but these are not your average plastic fantastic sailboats.  Tacking a schooner or gaff rigged yacht with multiple sails is no easy feat.    
Day 2 the butterfly course - whitecap city

Wicked mark 3
Some rounded ok, some struggled
Even Rainbow was reefed down

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