Wednesday, April 16, 2014

English Harbor and Nelson's Dockyard

We took the 10 minute walk over to English Harbor so we could check out historic Nelson's Dockyard.  This was the main port for the British Fleet in the 1600's through 1800's.  Many years later, they were falling in ruins when someone decided it would be important to preserve this historic site.

Above is the remains of the sail loft.  Oh yeah.....I was totally thinking "YES, this would be an awesome spot for Sabrina's Sail Loft if ever I was to set up a permanent shop off s/v Honey Ryder.  Fat chance of that but it's fun to think about.

Above is now a very, very nice hotel.

Anchors and cannons everywhere.

Seriously, would freak if you saw all the cannons.  They are everywhere.

Most of the buildings are put to good use as various businesses such as Sunsail Charters, A & F Sails loft, hotel, couple of restaurants, a cafe, customs/immigration/port authority, marina office and such.  This is nice as it's not as touristy.

The above were used back in the day to careen the British naval ships so they could clean and work on the bottom of the boats.

This is the modern sail loft in the dockyard today.  Lately they have been working overtime as the Oyster World Cruising Rally ending here with some aggressive sailing during their port regatta....meaning ripped and shredded sails.  Additionally Classics Race week starts April 18th - thus busy place.  I never get tired of peeking in various sail loft.  So very kewl!

So this is the man himself - Horatio Nelson.  Look closely at the hat in his hand.  Apparently his left eye  (I think) was damage during some sort of battle.  He eyesight was affected.  Doctors outfitted his hat with a green visor to help with his visor issue.  Can you see it in the pic?  I wonder if the writers of Star Trek got the idea for Jordy's visor from Nelson?  FYI - there is a nice little museum in the dockyard.  

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  1. Did he also lose his right hand during the battle? I couldn't get past seeing that! Interesting post, thanks for sharing.