Monday, April 21, 2014

Russian Dinghy

Check out this dinghy.  We spotted it in English Harbor the other day. 

 It's a folding dinghy.

Galvanized metal - Folding Dingy!

I have no idea if it that is Russian or what but it looks....cold war at the very least.  So kewl!


  1. Thought of you guys today. We saw a boat from Prairie View Kansas. "Head over Heels" was the name. I was going to call them on the radio and ask them if they knew you guys.

  2. The top line translates from Belarussian [LoDKA Hrenaya Skladnaya] to "Foldable Boat Granache." I suspect the last word may involve a cognate rather than a direct translation.

  3. I checked, the word Grenache is a cognate that in the context of the other two words means "Crest" and implies top or best.