Saturday, April 26, 2014

Classics Social

Sabrina with Anne s/v Receta and author of "Spice Necklace" and various other books and articles

Originally we were not going to stay in Antigua for Classics Week.  However, more and more cruisers kept arriving in the anchorage and telling us "You HAVE to stay for classics.  It's so much fun."  And they were right.
Baxter, Molly, Sabrina, Tom, Diane, Ric
The best part was all the cruisers we met.  Many we hear each moring on the SSB Coconut Telegraph but have never actually met in person until last week Classics.  We also met many seasoned cruisers that have been at this for awhile and many who we will continue to see down island as we sail south.  We even met fellow Caliber 40 owners Don and Heather on s/v Asseance.  Heather is going to take care of us newbies and get us two of the coveted "Mount Gay Race Week" red hats since we didn't stay until the end of race week.  Thanks Heather.  See you in St Lucia or Trinidad.

Each night there were parties ashore.  These were put on by the various sponsors meaning FREE food and drink.  Now what have I told you all in the past about cruisers and free stuff?  We LOVE free!  There was music, a raffle and a few giveaways.  Good times.

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