Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sailors are just good peeps

*Picture doesn't have anything to do with posting. I just thought it was kewl.

I've said it before and I will say it again many times.....Sailors are good people. Maybe a little strange but good. Ok, some are downright odd but still good.
Good guy case in point, our new dock neighbor saw me arriving back from my provision run on the grocery getter yesterday when I nearly ran him over on the dock (remember old fashion brakes). Later he offered up his car for us to use during the day if we needed while we are here. Now how great is he! This is a guy we just met and visited with for 15 mins or so and now he is offering us his car. He is coming over on his lunch break today to help Tom troubleshoot the bilge pump. Sailors Rock!
*Neighbor doesn't need his car during the day because he works from his boat! Yep - he has managed to find a job that he can do from his boat! Note to self - get one of those!
**We have run on to one or two sailors that weren't good peeps. Turns out they aren't really sailors but posers instead.

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