Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sail Loft Opens Again

Many years ago I learned to sew in 4-H. Don't laugh- it's what rural kids did...actually it's what parents to did keep their kids out of trouble. My mother sewed a little but HATED it. So I learned in 4-H. I did ok. I might have won a ribbon at the county fair for my strawberry print apron with strawberry shaped oven mitt pockets (attached with Velcro) but I certainly never wore any of the few clothing pieces I made to school! I have standards people and kids were way meaner back then. Teenage years are hard - I didn't need to be wearing homemade, crookedly sewn clothing to junior high. Bad acne was enough.

Through the years my sewing has evolved primarily into boat / canvas projects with a repaired skirt hem thrown in here and there for good measure. The first major boat sewing project was a complete set of cushion covers for our Catalina 22 s/v No Worries. She still had the 70's brown / orange colored herculon fabric that is scratchy as hell and never deteriorates. *Seriously, who invented that stuff! My parents still have a couch covered in it. My mother refuses to get rid of it because "it's not worn out." Duh! It' s herculon mom, it will never wear out!

Back on the C22 we were able to fully relax thanks to my royal blue and white, tye-died cushion covers. Far out man! Various other canvas projects were completed. Once we got our Catalina 30 s/v Distant Drum, the projects kept coming. Cap10 Tom surprised me one Xmas with a Sailrite Machine and Sabrina's Sail Loft was officially opened. While it's nice to be able to create and sew various boat projects and thus save some serious $$- it's not without a love/hate aspect. But a few pin sticks, generous amounts of beer and massive amounts of swearing get me through a project. Just kidding....sort of.

I recently had to drag my machine back out for a few s/v Honey Ryder canvas projects - which means taking over the entire basement TV room yet again for Sabrina's Sail Loft. My Evil Sailing Sister Kim and her husband Tim just added a C30 to their fleet of boats.

Kim has some major canvas projects in front of her as well in Kim's Sail Loft. Given the love/hate of such tasks, I suggested we have a Evil Sailing Sisters Sew off of some sort - cause we are easily entertained and it seemed like it might be fun and/or funny. Below is what I received from ESS Kim.
Evil-Sailing/Sewing Sista Smackdown
Okay, I think we need to establish some parameters.
You get:

Points for difficulty of project.
Points if the previous work done was done by an idiot. Unless, of course, the idiot was yourself.
Points if you go 15 minutes without dropping the F bomb and scaring your pets.
More than 5 F-bombs in a 15 minute period.
If you say more than 10 in an hour, you have to go to the penalty box.
Stabbing yourself with seam rippers/scissors/needles anything pokey....and then doing the same dumbass stunt again.
Bleeding on your project. (However, points for efficient blood removal....)
Feel free to add to the list....

Yes - ESS Kim pretty much hit the nail on the head or rather the sewing needle in the thumb with these smackdown rules. Let the games begin. *And NO, I do not still have the strawberry print apron with oven mitt pockets shaped like strawberries!


  1. We call ours the "swearing machine". I actually enjoy using it but it does make me a little nuts.

  2. Too funny - I love the Sewing Sista Smackdown rules!