Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Portlight Shades Completed

s/v Honey Ryder didn't come with portlight shades. This means during the day the bright sun beats in heating the interior up and at night in a marina we are basically a big fish bowl, flashing all the neighbors. Last time we cut up an auto shade and taped them to the portlights with gray duct tape. NOT pretty but it worked in a pinch.

Thanks to s/v Raindog, I think we now have a solution that will work.The prototype turned out ok. *Thanks to s/v Hello World and Tim R - fellow Caliber owners for measurements.

Lightweight fabric with a touch of UV seemed the perfect solution.

Ventilation on s/v Honey Ryder is great but that meant 12 of these suckers to sew up. Twelve to sew+some seam ripping+running out of white thread completely the night before our 6am flight = a typical Sabrina's Sail Loft sewing project!

Final assembly on the boat included Cap10 Tom assistance. Thank you sailorman!

Finished product. Closed portlight.

Open portlight.

Open portlight evening. No more flashing the neighbors....at least not by accident!


  1. Nice! Much better then the duck tape & auto shade.

  2. Great job. You are amazing with your sail loft!