Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Grocery Getter

This trip we are minus a rental car. No worries.

The resort rents bikes. AND if you return it in under 4 hrs - FREE. Sweet!!

AND this little jem has a basket on the front. That will come in really handy for putting a few items up there.

But of course I got cocky and bought too much. Being the foodie that I am I tend to to this almost every time I am at the grocery story....."ooooh, special on whatever- I'll just get a little of this and some of that and a bit of this and whomp up burgoo #5t", and next thing you know I have umpteen bags and enough to feed 20.

Never fear. I have a backpack and two fold up grocery sacks. *I don't know where or how I thought I was going to carry the two additional bags. I am not one of those talented women from a far off continent that can balance a small village on her head. Hell, I was having a hard time trying to remember the brakes are not on the handlebars like my bike back home but instead old school - slam the peddles in reverse. OMG!

However, somehow I managed. I don't think I could have gotten one more item on my person/or bike. *Emily and Barry - not bad for an amateur eh?

Ding ding - out of the way. Human pack mule coming through. And yes, I know the other words for mule. No need to let me know in the comments section my punny friends.

*You might be curious to know why I didn't ride my new folding bike. Well.....I don't have it yet. Long, frustrating story for another day. But I have not given up hope. I am choosing to believe that the jackwagon guy that is the seller is just the king of goofballs and that he really will come through. If not, you won't have to read about it here. You will know because you will read about it in the news "Deranged, outraged female sailor beats man to near death with very nice jib line because he didn't deliver on a Craigslist folding bike."


  1. Don't you feel renewed with new varities of food items & a full pantry? We are running low but should be filling her up soon as we will reach Kentucky Lake later this afternoon. Wahohooooo! But we are looking forward to eating at a restaurant & having ice in our drinks tonight.

  2. Wow! Great job, you foodie you! We are VERY impressed with your efforts! However, also very sad to find out that you have not gotten your craigslist folder yet. Eeek! You will have to fill me in when you get back. Sabrina and a folding bike seem destined NOT to meet. :-(