Sunday, July 31, 2011

Getting s/v Honey Ryder Home or How I Spent My Surreal Saturday

First thing Saturday morning we set about trying to figure out why the engine won't start. Dock neighbor Greg came over to assist again. We methodically started working through all the components of the fuel system to isolate the issue.

We found a couple of minor items but nothing that just screamed "stop the engine". Argh! We finally concluded that it must be the fuel pump it's self. Tom got the number of a diesel mechanic and he can come out Sunday morning - Sweet! Next Tom got a hold of Woody so we could get s/v Honey Ryder back into her slip. This would be a challenge. The current that accompanies the tides through the marine move at a very fast clip - something like 4 knots! Woody said it was doable but we would have to time it with slack tide and our window of opportunity would be very slim. Ok, now we sit and wait a couple of hours for slack tide.

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