Sunday, July 31, 2011

Cap'n Woody and Lincoln to the Rescue

BoatUS tow Captain Woody arrives on the scene to tow us into the marina. He won't be able to get us into the slip this evening but he will tie us up on A-Dock which is the back of the breakwater. Kewl! Greg can finally get back to his boat. So much for a 3 hour tour! *Feel free to hum the Gilligan's Island tune for the rest of the posting. Go ahead.....can't really stop from humming it now can you? HA!

Lincoln is Woody's assistant and sidekick. This kid was awesome and will make one hell of a tow boat captain or charter captain or whatever some day - he knows how to handle his lines, fenders, and even the wheel. Oh yeah - and his TEN. *We found out the next day - Lincoln is actor Bill Murry's kid. Bill lives 2 doors down from Woody and Lincoln hangs with Woody all the time.
Woody ties up on our starboard aft side. He is the engine and I am the helm and we head in. At one point Woody says "Can you see the breakwater entrance yet? I don't see it too good at night. I have a real problem spotting it." HUH? I have never been into this marina at night. OMG! But we made it safely and got tied up. Thank you Woody and Lincoln.

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