Thursday, December 26, 2013

St Thomas

We sailed today from St John to St Thomas so we could connected with Dan who was set to fly into and out of St Thomas on a 24 hour work turn around flight.  We have not had Internet the last few days.   This afternoon late we got anchored across the street from the airport and found some internet so we could email Dan with our position for his arrival tomorrow...But honestly all he would need to do is look out the cockpit window as he lands the plane to see us as we were that close to the airport and runway!  But once we logged on, we discovered Dan's trip was cancelled.  Darn it!  Oh well.  3 mins after reading that email, we look up to see sv Terrapin in their dink casting off from the beach where they picked up new crew who just flew in and walked over from the airport. We waved them over.  They said they were moored just around the corner on a FREE mooring ball and that there was another right by them and we should come grab it.  What the heck!  Stay put and listen to flights coming and going the rest of the evening or go hang with sv Terrapin?  We pulled up anchor and motored around.  Soon we were moored and took our dinghy over to sv Terrapin for hh.  Bonus show for hh was watching the magnificent cruise liner Queen Mary Two undock and pivot in a very small area right by the mooring field and then silently glide by as she departed port for a new, unknown destination.  Wow!
Sv Terrapin will head out tomorrow to explore the islands with new crew.  We plan to explore St Thomas some.  We need provisions and such.  I tried to find an open wifi connection this eve but failed.  I have awesome pics from the last few days to share with you all.  Looks like we will probably have to take the laptop ashore and find open wifi tomorrow as we explore.  Stay tuned - updates coming with pics!!!
So that is the life of cruisers...plans changes (99% of the time this is driven by winds and weather) and so we adjust.
However.......Dan....if you are reading this.  Don't feel bad.  Don't you worry your head or lose sleep just because today was the worst weather ever!  Worse than our Gulf Stream crossing.  Our lives flashed before our eyes type stuff!  We braved horrific winds and waves today on our passage from St  John to St Thomas so we could see you for a mere 6 hours (maybe)!  Nope, don't you think twice about getting our hopes up only to have them crushed.  Just kidding.  No worries.

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