Wednesday, December 18, 2013

New Bow Light

New and improved bow light

If you will remember, we lost the lends on our bow light early in the passage down from the USA.  We decided to order a whole new fixture vs just replacing the lens.
Old fixture removed

It seemed if it could happen once, it could happen again and thus the new, better, encapsulated fixture - from MarineBeam.  Our good friends Tim and Kim brought it down for us.  As part of the Salty Dawg Rally, we get one night free at the dock at the Bitter End Yacht Club.  We decided to take advantage of that this past Monday so we could install the new fixture.  Call us crazy but it seemed like standing on the dock doing the installation (eye level, semi-solid ground) might be a tad easier than hanging out over the bow while on a mooring ball. 

Starboard cut for light
Of course this fixture is different which meant Tom need to fashion an additional piece so it would fit back on the plate at the bow.  Surely you didn't think this would be plug and play?  Silly reader!  This is a cruising boat and nothing is plug and play.

Test mount
He cut a piece of Starboard and then drilled the holes to secure it. 

Channel to be cut out for wiring

Channel for wiring
Then he had to cut/carve/chisel out a place for the new wiring. 

All systems go
It took a good part of the day but he successfully got it mounted and working!  Yay Tom!!


  1. Is Tom drinking Wine or a Rob Roy? And if he's drinking wine…I can't believe you have any left after last week. Wow!

    1. Yes. Yuengling Rob Roy! Girl, I love you but no....I would not allow you/us to drink ALL the wine. Caliber yachts have amazing box wine space!