Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Callwood Family and Rum

The Callwood Family is one of the oldest families in the BVI's.  Their history is no doubt deep but getting them to tell you about it has proven a bit tough.  They are.....vague.  It's a big family but again, numbers are hard to come by.  Legendary Foxy's is supposedly a Callwood.  Five years ago when I had a chance to chat one on one with Foxy, he told me he has 19 kids.  Or maybe it was 19 boys and then some girls....I forget and/or he was vague. 
Anyway - Callwood Rum Distillery is located in Cane Garden Bay.  The distillery is over 400 years old.  The last 200+ years, it's been operated by the Callwood family.  They still make rum from island sugar cane every March through August in the same location as two hundred years ago!  We took a tour.  It was very interesting. 

The old diesel engine they use to run the press.  The belt must be huge! 

The press where the sugar cane is "squeezed."
The original building is still used!

Some of the old equipment from when they used a steam engine to press the sugar cane.
Sugar cane on site but they generally buy most of the cane from local farmers around the islands.
I forget but I think this is the big pot that collects the alcohol that is then piped into the building for bottling and or barreling.
Our tour guide (and a Callwood).  I asked how many work during the season to make rum.  He said just one paid  but...."the family comes and helps as well " he quietly added.  I joked that could be good or bad depending on how many show up -"because don't you have a BIG family."  He just smiled coyly. 
Oak barrels from Kentucky for aging the rum.  White bottles (on the floor) for white rum.

4 Sale

Sample room and shop.  For more details - check here Ministry of Rum     

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  1. Suggest you find a copy of "Rum: A Social and Sociable History of the Real Spirit of 1776 " and And a Bottle of Rum: A History of the New World in Ten Cocktails" Read both of these in 2006 and came away with a new appreciation for the kill-devil.