Thursday, December 12, 2013

New Camera - Xmas Come Early

Red and gold coral
My dear ESS ( Evil Sailing Sista- two snaps) Kim surprised us with a new underwater camera.  I am SO very excited to have this camera.  AND it is not just an underwater camera but a great everyday, NOT underwater camera.  Thank you SOOooooo much Special K!!!!  
Purple fan
However it's tough to get your head wrapped around the concept of underwater as in is not in a special underwater housing or such.  Kim pointed out mid-week that even after using it while snorkeling, I was still putting it in a special DRY bag to go ashore.  I am not sure why.  Just habit with previous cameras. 

Check out my first try - no reading manual....just pushing buttons.  Not bad. 
Big  fish hunting the little fish

These were shot at Great Harbor Peter Island.

SO many little fish - like a cloud of little fish

There were thousands and thousands of these little tiny fish in big schools just chillin. 


  1. What a wonderful gift! You will get SO much use out of that. Enjoy!