Friday, March 30, 2018

New Dive Gear

Tom and Sabrina

January 2018
New to me BCD

I have new to me diving gear.  NICE gear.  Really, really nice gear.  And of course there is a story behind it.
So nice.  Designed for women

While we were stateside last summer (2017), we met a friend of a friend Sandy.  She is a fellow sailor, sailing on Stockton Lake in Missouri and holiday charters in the BVI and such.  In chatting with her I also found out she and her husband/partner are divers.  They have been on many a dive holiday in fabulous dive places around the world.  "But I really don't dive any more.  I had a scary experience last time so I think my diving days are over." she said to me.  Hum?  So of course I said "Any interest in selling your dive gear?"  This totally caught her off guard. "Oh.  Um.  Well, I don't know.  I.... Hum.....I...."  I told her to think about it and if so, I would be very interested and we went on to chat about other things.  By the end of our time visiting she brought it up again.  "I will think about it and let you know."
Built in weight pockets

A week later she contacted me saying she did want to sell and that we should meet at a cafe with internet so we could look online at "fair market value.  The gear is really nice stuff and I have taken really good care of it."  "Sure.  That sounds like a good plan."  However, she was busy and then heading out on holiday.  No rush.  Just contact me when you get back.  Then I did not hear from her again for some time.  Eventually, she sent me an email to say she had broken her back in a boating accident and was home in a brace and in no shape to do anything including selling dive gear.  "Of course.  Can I bring you anything?  Sailing magazines, etc...?"  I knew her partner was taking care of her but I thought at the very least, sailing mags to pass the time.  No, she was ok.
We were started to pack up our stuff stateside to return home to sv Honey Ryder when I got a voice message from Sandy.  I called her back.  She was still at home in a back brace rehabbing but much better.  "If you want this dive gear, why don't you come out to the house and just get it."  I went.  She had it all out.  Really nice stuff.  Top of the line ladies BCD, regulator, and dive computer.  I tried it on.  It fit perfectly.  She explained how she had it all serviced locally each time before a dive trip and then again after.  She had all the paperwork but the dive computer manual. She apologized profusely for not having that.  Really?  Come on.  Everything is in such good shape.  I think I can download a manual. 
Breath in, breath out

"I love it.   I will take it all.  How much?"  I asked.  Sandy immediately said "Just take it."  "Noo.  Sandy no.  I must pay you.  Please."  She said "No.  Just take it, use it and enjoy it.  I would rather someone have it that it going to really use it and enjoy it than hassle with selling it and such.  Just send me some pics."  I was flooded with gratitude.  Such generosity.  I thanked her over and over and then left.
Dive computer and regulator
In the car, I called cruising friends Laura and Jason that happen to be commercial divers as well.  I told them about my new gear.  "Holy shit Sabrina.  That is nice gear.  I mean top of the line stuff.  And she just gave it to you?  Wow.  You now have nicer gear than either of us has." was what Jason said to me.  "Will you two help me learn it and such?"  "Of course."
Silver tank is my new tank
I took it all home to Trinidad, packed it away and started prepping the boat for this season.  sv Blue Blaze (Laura and Jason) sailed out of Trinidad up to Grenada before us.  Laura sent me a message "Hey.  There is a cruising boat here selling a nearly new dive tank for half price $80 US.  You want us to buy it for you?"  And that is how I got my dive tank.
Securely stored in the aft head

We were too busy messing about in Grenada to go diving.  And the dive site I wanted to do is on the west side of the island.  So the first diving in my new gear took place in Bequia.  That story next.
****BIG Thank you to Sandy in KC.  And to Laura and Jason for finding me a tank.

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