Thursday, March 29, 2018

It Is Not What But Who You Know

March 2018

It is not what you know, but who.  This phrase is timeless and well proven.  Not to brag but I think I have a pretty good talent for connecting people.  I enjoy it as well.

I have told you before how terrific the cruising community is - 99.5% are tops.  Ask and they will help.  This is true for Sherpa duties as well.  Need something brought down from the USA, cruisers are willing to schlep stuff great distances.  Examples - 1).  SV Casa Blanca brought a couple of small packages from the USA to Trinidad for sv Blue Blaze.  We then took those with us to Grenada to deliver to them.  2).They had purchased a used dive tank for me at a greatly reduced price from a cruising boat selling it in Grenada.  3).  We left two gifts for a solo cruiser Robin with cruiser Dan in Grenada because we were going to miss her by a day.  4).  We rendezvoused with sv Asseance in Bequia because they needed Raymarine parts and we had just replaced ours and didn't need the old ones anymore.  5.)  We left the rest of the Raymarine parts in Trinidad with sv Cape to give to cruiser Terry when he returns to Trini.  6.)  sv Gabriel found out we were in Grenada but going to Bonaire eventually so Kim asked for a big bottle of Nutmeg Syrup, only found in Grenada.  7).  While in Bequia, the island ran out of butter completely. NONE to be had.  None expected for several weeks.  None from the mainland of St Vincent.  I knew sv Aaventura was sailing down from St Lucia.  "If it is not too much trouble, can you bring us some butter?"  "Sure.  Is a pound enough?"  "Yes, thanks."  8.)  sv Cape is now unexpectedly in Martinique.  They do not like French rhum and asked "Do you know anyone coming north or south that can bring normal/real RUM?"  I reached out to sv Freedom and BOOM - sv Cape is getting RUM soon. Saul Goodman (Breaking Bad fame) says, "I know a guy, who knows a guy, who knows another guy"...... or something close to that.  Anyway, this is how life goes if you are smart enough to get it.  And you aren't generally a jackass or worse.

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